It’s been 50 years since the hard rocking prog group Uriah Heep was founded. The band is still going strong, as are many it’s former members.

HeepVention is an unique event bringing together Uriah Heep fans everywhere around the world. There have been several of those meetings, the last ones being Belgium 2015 and Helsinki 2018. Now the official Finnish Uriah Heep fan club, Uriah Heep Suomi Finland ry., arranges the 2020 event in the beautiful city of Lahti, Finland!

We have the music club Möysä in use (further information at this link). Möysä is a comfortable and very well equipped, fully-fledged venue. As for how to pronounce Möysä or ”Mössö” – I guess we will work it out together during the weekend!

There might very well be also additional programme, but we will publish that information later, when the things are sorted out.

We are expecting HeepVention 2020 to be the most memorable and warm social gathering for the Heepsters ever!